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As an older mother with 2 children already raised and on their own I thought my third child would be easy to raise. After all I was experienced. Boy was I wrong!
I couldn*t understand this child. All the child rearing books and strategies did not work. School was a struggle-everything we did was wrong and helpful people tried to give advice on what to do. Finally after many consultations and doctor*s visits I was directed to the Links to Learning Resource Centre.
When my child was diagnosed with a disorder I had to find out about it and how to live from day to day with it. I did not know anything about this disorder or how to make my child understand what was required of him every day. How could I give him what he needed when I couldn*t understand where to begin?
When I first came to the Links to Learning Resource Centre I was confused and uncertain, but people there were so helpful and friendly and got me on the right track with books, videos and discussions on what I might try. I finally began to understand what my child was dealing with.
I found help at the Centre in dealing with my child*s disorder and it has made me more confident. I think the Links to Learning Centre is a great place-run by caring, competent people. Thanks.
A Centre Member

A Beautiful Mind

By Lauren Whyte

The winner of four Academy Awards, A Beautiful Mind stars Russell Crowe as John Nash, a brilliant mathematician. The story starts with Nash beginning his university years at Princeton. He is in search of an *original idea*; a theory which will make him famous and give him the recognition he craves.
Although Nash is a genius, he has difficulty making friends and depends on his roommate Charles for emotional support and encouragement. After he finds his idea, (which happens to change 150 years of economic theories) the story jumps about five years into the future. Nash is still at Princeton, now as a professor. There he finds his future wife, played by Jennifer Connelly.
What comes after this point in the movie changes everything you thought you knew about John. I won*t ruin the ending or the surprise, but I*ll give a hint: not everything Nash sees is real because he is not completely in touch with reality. I*ll leave you guessing at what disorder Nash has. In the end, Nash realises life is not just about the fame and recognition he achieves, but about the love he finds along the way. The ending will make you cry, but also leave you feeling uplifted and happy. The message contained in the movie is very positive and inspirational for anyone with obstacles in front of a goal they would like to achieve. A Beautiful Mind is recommended for all ages, although it will probably be understood and appreciated more, by the more mature.