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From time to time, every grassroots organization struggles with financing. Fortunately weve able to keep our head above water, for another year. We received generous funding from Ronald McDonalds Children's Charities. This was extremely helpful. But unfortunately, we have yet to secure core funding.

Core funding is money that covers the bills and helps the place stay open. These bills, for us, are nominal. We have kept this part of the budget low, so that we can sustain ourselves.

The cost to run Links for one month based on operational expenses is approximately 450 dollars. As many of you know, our office space is small. As we continue to grow, it is quickly becoming inadequate.

We have a new place in mind which would cost 500 dollars a month. It has triple our current space, with a separate office. We see this as the ideal setting. However, without core funding in the bank, we are loath to make a move.

We also applied to United Way but were turned down. The review committee felt people could go to the public library, for information on disabilities-or go to Family Space, for toys. Although this review was disappointing, we are open to other suggestions.

If people have ideas for raising this part of our budget, please drop in and see Joan. We would love to hear how others have managed.


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Melanie Burton is a young lady who recently received the recognition she deserves. Eleven year old Melanie was awarded the Ontario Junior Citizen of the Year Award, in a ceremony in Toronto, this April.


This award, sponsored by the Ontario Community Newspapers Association, is given out every year, to recognize the outstanding community contribution of young people in the province.


It was an exciting day for Melanie when she shook the hand of the Lieutenant Governor of Ontario and received a plaque for her accomplishments. She is one of only 10 individuals and one group to receive the award, this year.


Melanie is a junior board member at Links. In the past shes helped raise money for Sleeping Children Around the World, worked with Operation Christmas Child, helped raise money to buy sports equipment for her school baseball team, walked in the Mayors Walk and volunteered time to be there for elderly neighbours.


Currently Melanie is fund-raising for Links by organising an Authors in Action Auction. A number of writers have donated autographed items which will be sold in an auction, scheduled for June.  The money will be used to purchase videos, books and games for the Links collection.