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Joan Burton

Isn't spring exciting? We are more cheerful and more willing to see new things come into our lives. We give and receive more readily. We are willing to accept new challenges.

At Links, we usually see an increase in visits in the spring. In anticipation of this increased use of our resources, we have lots of new toys, videos and books, arriving in April and May.

The new items will be helpful to a large cross section of our families. Weve paid careful attention, to what families have said they want and need.

Parenting children with special needs is a very taxing job and we work hard to make it easier. New videos cover topics that have been most requested. Issues concerning defiance in children, visual supports in schools and parenting difficult children are all addressed in the videos now available at Links.

New books coming in May will focus on Tourette's Syndrome, non verbal learning disabilities, social stories and dyslexia.

Toys and games are now being grouped into categories and placed in baskets, for easier borrowing. Books in series and sets are quickly becoming a hit, with the early and reluctant readers.

Looking ahead to June, we are very excited to have people interested in summer home tutoring. We will place you on the list, if you are interested in helping your child maintain skills over the summer or in having your child cover subjects that have been weak, during the school year.

For any question or to indicate a book, video or game you would like us to bring in, feel free to call and speak to us at 968-8700.


Links to Learning Resource Centre is a non-profit organisation that functions as a link between parents, professionals and other community providers who work with learning challenged children. We work in partnership with parents and professionals by lending books, toys or games and by having information resources and services available to help them achieve their family service plan goals.

Links To Learning
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